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It is known that Health and Happiness go hand in hand. The ancient Indian scriptures have always suggested that what we are is what we eat. While science today has broken down the very constitution of our bodies, no one can deny that it is the 5 gross elements- Ether, Water, Fire, Earth and Wind, that define our body.

The Chandogya Upanishad, written more than 3000 years ago in India, talks about the importance of salt for all living beings. It was considered a luxury and available to only those who were blessed by the gods. Along with water, salt is considered to be one of the primary components required for the functioning of the body, without which the subtle body(Suksma Sharir) fails to function correctly along with the Gross Body(Sthula Sharir). In ancient and medieval times, salary was paid in salt thereby spurring the term ‘Salary’.

In today’s busy lifestyles, we often ignore the quality and quantity of the food we eat. Science supports the ancient Indian ethos on food, and has gone ahead and established the importance of salt in our life. Unfortunately for India, the awareness on the fine points of the science of salt is either lacking or completely missing. The host of illnesses may be diagnosed using modern medical science, but the root cause of it still remains basic- The Quality of food we consume. And salt has a key role to play in this debate.

A normal human body must have the ability to balance and maintain ions for proper hydration and preventing a host of conditions ranging from muscle spasms to brain damage and degeneration. Alongside, the right balance of all essential macro and micro nutrients is essential to the normal functioning of the human body. Natural salt in itself contains all the right mix of nutrients, both micro and macro, to allow for proper development of the body, prevention of diseases and healing. Moreover, the ability to maintain body pH balance is essential to survival and natural salt is the primary source to maintain this balance.

The more acidic the body becomes (pH<7), the more we become susceptible to preventable conditions that are both short term and chronic. Unfortunately, modern food processing technologies have completely sidelined the element of health and nutrition, to produce salt which is not only inedible but harmful.

Panacea salt is procured through a natural process from the pure water of the Sambhar lake. We discourage use of any harmful processes like bleaching and washing of salt to make it appear whiter. As a result, our salt is completely natural and contains all the benefits just like how Ayurveda and Unnani medical science defines good salt to be. The high alkaline level (pH = 9) allows for salt to play the role it should making Pancea natural salt not just a rich tasting product but also a tool to ensure yours and your family’s health.

What is pH level? Know the salt you eat?

Salt is an essential tool for maintaining essential bodily functions. Our lifestyles today expose us to a vast array of chronic diseases and conditions that can easily to avoided with small changes in diet. In order to meet the growing demand for salt in a large number products merely for the purpose of taste, Salt is produced using chemical processes that harm the body even in the smallest quantities. During the refining process of common salt, various chemicals are used to strip away essential ingredients and nutrition, and produce a solid mixture of Sodium and Chloride. The salt extracted from the sea, contains pollutants and harmful chemicals which are removed using equally dangerous processes of refining and bleaching to give it the sparkling white colour we associate salt with. Also, Numerous creatures in the sea which die are decomposed and mixed with the very salt we eat today, and therefore cannot even be considered vegetarian. Labels like ‘true salt’ and ‘India’s salt’ veil the dangerous processes which use chemicals such as sulphuric acid, Ferro Cyanides during washing and refining, which is banned even for animals.

As a result, salt looses its inherent nutritional value and pH scale thereby becoming acidic in nature(pH<7). This does not meet the standards set by our ancient texts and even modern science. Upon consumption, the body is unable to balance its alkaline/ pH balance exposing you to preventable conditions. Moreover, the presence of refined salt in almost every processed item in large quantities makes your health worse each day. Conditions such as High blood pressure and Heart conditions are therefore associated with sodium and salt is vilified in the process. This is not what natural salt is supposed to do. Apart from maintaining your body pH level, hydration and ions, natural salt is known to maintain a healthy heart as well. Panacea ensures that this very salt is provided using natural extraction processes only. We adhere to our vision of providing food the way it should be!

What is Panacea Salt.

Panacea Salt is naturally derived salt from the famed Sambhar Lake located in Rajasthan. The lake, which has been mentioned as an important source of salt for the last 2000 years, is known to produce the highest quality natural salt containing all beneficial nutrients and qualities. Sambhar lake taps water from four seasonal rivers like Mndha, Rupangarh, Khairan, Khandel and numerous streams and rivules. The brine of this lake is unique as it has low potassium content.

As researched by the Department of Pharmacology and Environment toxicology at the University of Madras, Panacea salt (rock salt) was found to contain essential nutrients and minerals. It is advised to consume Panacea salt, a completely organic form of salt, regularly. The benefits from the salt are many and include,

– -Anti Congestion properties – Our organic salt helps clear congestion in the lungs and nasal passages. It clears phlegm, Mucus and congestion in sinuses. It is a strong antihistamine.

– -Beneficial for Diabetics- Panacea salt helps balance the body’s sugar levels which is beneficial to those suffering from diabetes.

– -Panacea salt helps in proper muscular functions, provides iodine in natural form making it easier for the thyroid to absorb it easily and regulate the endocrine system.

– -Our salt is essential for the production of the body’s principal source of energy, Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP). Also, elements of Panacea salt are a good source of protons necessary for ATP production.

– – Panacea salt helps remove excess acidity from the body’s cells, allowing for normal functioning and preventing conditions like cancer, brain and kidney damage. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]

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‘Prevention is better than cure’ is a statement that holds true for any of us. In our country, the increasing trend of ailments and conditions like Thyroid, Blood pressure, Obesity, heart diseases, Diabetes and Hypertension is something we cannot ignore given our busy lifestyles. As a concerned citizen myself who has seen the country grow and develop, I urge you to live by this statement and request you and your loved ones to examine your health status with Thyrocare coupons enclosed in this pack to understand your body better.


You will be surprised to see the results before and after consuming Panacea salt.  Regular parameters such as cholestrol, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar will be regularised. It is never too late to take a step forward in demanding for better health and we at Godhum ensure that your health is first. Moreover, we advise you to keep a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise.


Godhum products have been conceptualised to keep health first. You are bound to see changes in various health parameters in 4-5 weeks. It is essential to keep your pH in balance so that you can be assured that your exposure to preventable conditions is low. We request you to try all our products which are easily available in nearby stores. Spread the message and live a healthy life to ensure a healthy nation.


Wishing you the very best.


S.S Gupta

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